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1309307     13" Premier Jumeau Doll Marked 3 - Factory Blue Dress Hat and Shoes

This doll is a very rare and beautiful doll.  She is a lovely 13" Premiere Jumeau doll with threaded blue glass eyes, blond hair and marked 3 on the back of her neck.  Her face coloring is lovely.  She has a slightly open closed mouth.  Unfortunately there is a hairline on her forehead.  The wig is blonde.  She has a very nice jointed body with straight wrists.

She is wearing a lovely blue cotton factory dress with matching hat, both trimmed with a lovely lace.  The shoes are the same color blue as the dress, but have lots of wear marked 5 Paris Depose with the incised bee mark.  They look to be made of oil cloth.  The dress, hat and shoes are a perfect fit and could be original to the doll.  The underclothing is old and very nice, but do not have the original factory look and are probably replacements.

While the doll does have the hairline, she will still be a lovely doll to own and add to your collection.  The way the hat comes forward on the forehead, makes it less noticeable.

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Price: $5500.00

1309305     7 1/2" Doll House Size Flat Top China Head Doll Wearing Nice Period Dress

retty flat top China Head doll with black hair and blue eyes.  She has china limbs and shoes with the flat soles.  Those are usually on the earlier dolls, about 1860 or so.  The body has some weak spots where the china legs are attached and there has been some reinforcement.  Last picture shows this.  She is a nice size for a doll house or German Kitchen.

She is wearing a lovely early dress in a brown and tan cotton with blue trim.  The dress is a tight fit and sewn onto the doll, so I am not removing it to photograph the body.  There are several places where the dress is worn, mostly in the back and some on the sleeves.  I think the doll head is in good condition.  The dress is sewn on, so I cannot check it out.  Where there is a break in the fabric, that part that was visible looks good and I could not feel any cracks through the fabric for the rest of the doll. 
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7    PIC8   

Price: $175.00

1208301     Antique 15" French Fashion Doll Probably Portrait Jumeau All Original

Beautiful all original Portrait French Fashion doll.  She is an unmarked bisque socket head on a separate bisque shoulder plate, 15 1/2" tall, most likely an early Jumeau.  She has pale blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth with a slight smile and pierced ears.  She has a firm gusseted leather body with lovely bisque arms and hands.  It is so rare to find such a lovely doll with such beautiful all original clothing.

She is wearing a beautiful, elaborate outfit with brown and beige striped silk with a bustle and layers of ruffles with dark brown trim.  Her brown leather slipper style shoes have buckles and high heels are antique and I believe to be original to the doll as is most everything else.  The stockings are blue and white stripe. 

The lovely undergarments are also original and includes a wonderful and unusual bustle hoop.  It ties around the waist but only goes in the back.  The pictures will give you a better idea.  It almost looks like the clothing has never been off the doll.  I do not want to remove it as this is how I purchased the doll at auction.  The silk in the dress is not melting, but it is 150 plus years old, and I do not think creating stress by removing it, will be good for the dress.  It does show signs of weakness in the front and back on the upper part of the dress.

She is wearing a felt hat that does not look as old as the doll, but it could also be original.   I am just not as certain of this.  The ribbon on the hat is the same as the ribbon decorating the dress.  The blond wig sits a little far back.  I do not like to change anything, but I think it might look nicer if it was brought forward a bit.

The spot that shows when I hold the bisque to the light is just a dirt mark.

More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7    PIC8    PIC9    PIC10    PIC11    PIC12    PIC13    PIC14    PIC15    PIC16    PIC17    PIC18    PIC19    PIC20    PIC21    PIC22    PIC23   
Price: $4900.00

1010366     Brn Calico Apron for Small China or French Fashion Doll

Cute country style antique doll apron with a nice mix of fabrics.  It is a very nice yellow-brown calico print, a green linen waistband and ties and the ruffle has a greek key design.  The ruffle is deep on the top and sewn into the sides.  This could almost be used as a clothes pin apron with tiny pins going into the pocket created by the top ruffle.

This is one of 4 small aprons that I am listing on eBay at this time.  They are all early, all very different styles and fabrics.  This apron is 3 3/4" wide and 4 3/4" long.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3   

Price: $11.00

1005356     Ethnic Doll Apron w Embroidery & Metal Lace

This is a rather interesting item.  I believe this would have been an apron for a doll dressed in an early ethnic costume.  The apron looks like it has metal thread running through the light gray fabric.  There is some embroidery on the lower part of the apron.  It is trimmed in two types of metal lace and trim.  The ribbon that ran through the top is almost all worn out, but is still there.

The apron is about 7" long and 3 3/4" wide.  The condition is good for the age.  I can only guess at the age, but I believe this would date to somewhere in the late 1800s.

This is one of several items that I purchased from the Richard Wright Collection. 
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5   

Price: $35.00

909352     Antique White Pique Doll Dress 1860s White Work Trim

This is a lovely early white cotton cord or pique doll dress from the mid to late 1800s.  It is a very exquisite but simple design.  This would look nice on many different types of dolls, lady or child.  It is an "A" line dress fitted at the shoulders with a relaxed waist.  The sleeves are 3/4 length with the same white eyelet trim that is on the hem.  It has a beautiful pocket in the front of the dress at the side.  The pocket is made with a lovely white work design with a braided trim at the top.  There are 4 tiny buttons in the back.

 The shoulder width is 5 3/4" seam to seam.  Under the sleeves it measures 6" across the chest, widening to about 6 1/2" at the waist and continuing to widen the full length of the dress to about 18" across at the hemline.  From shoulder to hem it measures about 16".  The sleeves are 4" long.  The sleeve opening is about 3" around.

The condition is good for the age.  It is probably from the mid 1800s, but could be a little later like 1880s.  I do not see any rips, tears or stains on the dress.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4   

Price: $115.00

802302     12" Bisque Head Ball Jointed Doll Charming Dress Mold 50

This cute doll is dressed for a Victorian Christmas party. She is a bisque head doll with blue sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth and a dimple in her chin. Her mold number is 50 with 3/0 after that, and Made in Germany below. There is a strange applied mark below that. I cannot read it as there is a repair to the neck opening. There is a lot of heavy glue where the original wig had been, but I still cannot see any hairlines. My camera does not do well with contrasting colors so I have taken pictures with the dress removed so you can see a better picture of the doll. There is also a picture of just the wig to give you a better idea of the color. She is a dark blond or light brown.
She has an interesting ball jointed body. The upper legs are not the usual design. The top of the legs are flat and fit against the side of the leg openings on the torso. The person who fixed up the doll put the top sections on the wrong sides. A close up picture shows the upper portions of the dolls legs, both front and back, so you can see how they look. I am not going to have her restrung as it is not much of a problem, but if someone does have her restrung, it is just the upper sections that need to be switched. There is a crack in the finish on her foot and the hands and lower legs look as though someone washed them, but the red lines are still there.
She is wearing a newer outfit in a navy blue taffeta plain with a deep red velvet sash with a bustle effect in the back. The dress has a pleated ruffle below the sash. The petticoat has ribbons and eyelet ruffles and has a label that reads "Designed and Made by Connie Brekke New York". That is just on the petticoat, but she may have also designed this cute dress. She has long navy blue stockings, but no shoes.
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Price: $200.00

611367     Antique Doll Pantaloons and Camasole

This is a medium small pair of antique doll pantaloons and a different style camisole that opens in the front. I am listing a new oil cloth doll body and the pantaloons fit that body perfectly. The camisole opens in the front with a belt for closure. There is a small rip in the in the camisole.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5   

Price: $15.00

602231     Antique Wh Apron w Red Trim for French Fashion Doll

Red and white doll apron made of a heavy material for lady dolls, such as a china head or a French Fasion lady doll. It would look good on either type. This could also make a nice addition to a Fashion doll's wardrobe trunk. While it is relatively inexpensive, it is something that is needed in every Fashion doll's trunk. The apron is white and is trimmed with red. The waistband and pockets are also red. The apron was probably made sometime in the late1800s and is in good condition for its age. It is 6" long, 5 1/2" wide at the top and 8" wide at the bottom.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2   

Price: $24.00

509505     17" Bisque Shoulder Head Doll W & C w/ Horseshoe Mark

Pretty brown eyed 17" German shoulderhead doll. She is marked W & C 610 or 6/O with a Horseshoe mark like the Ernst Heubach dolls. "Doll Mark Clues" by R A Shea refers to this mark as unconfirmed E. Heubach. She has an unusual body, part kid and part cloth. The arms and lower body (hips to knees) are a kid leather. The torso is cloth with a thin waist and made thinner by a crude waist cincher, just a crude piece of cotton wrap. This also has made the waist a little floppy, but it is still okay. The gussets at the hip and knee allows for some bending, but not much. She can just barely be made to sit a little in a doll chair, and is more of a standing doll. She has bisque lower arms, but the thumbs are missing. Her cloth feet have a nice form and will hold a shoe. She has brown eyes that are stationery, a nice brown human hair wig with a braid in the back. The braid is a little off-center, and would look best if rolled into a bun in the back. She wears some nice antique underclothing, a pretty camisole with buttons in back, a wide lace collar and lace sleeves. This could be a blouse. The antique petticoat and pantaloons are also nice. Her eyes are plastered in place. I believe there is a factory flaw on the eyelid as it is under paint, but has a little curve to it, possibly when the mold was removed. She is a very pretty doll. no hairline nice shape to feet.
More pictures: CLICK HERE

Price: $150.00

303271     This antique doll petticoat is beautifully made. Some doll petticoats are just cut down from other things and a waistband added, but this was was specifically made to be a doll petticoat and has very nice tailoring. It is fully gathered all the way around and is nice and full with a very small lace trim at the bottom. It is a pure white medium weight cotton and the button and buttonhole are in good condition. Some waistband machine stitches are coming out, but this does not affect the construction. It is about 9" long and 9 3/4" around the waistband. The fullness at the bottom is 36" around. This looks like it is from the early 1900s, probably anytime up to the 1920s.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2   

Price: $20.00

105117     This is a pretty pair of doll shoes for a larger doll (probably for a 22"- 24" doll). They are a robins egg blue oil cloth material with a buckle and bow on one shoe, but the other is missing. This would be a fancy dress shoe that ties in front with ribbon and have black heels. Possibly a blue bow or ribbon could be used on the front of the shoe for the decoration. From the furthest part of the back of the shoe to the toe it measures about 3 1/4", heel to toe 2 3/4" and 1 1/8" wide. Other than the missing decoration on one shoe, they are in good shape.
More pictures: PIC1   

Price: $85.00

103104     This is a wonderful old French fashion doll trunk for the smaller size doll. This size is very difficult to find especially with any type of partitions in the tray. It still has the original red paper in the top of the trunk and on the tray. The trunk is pine with another wood going across the top and metal in the edges. The tray has 3 partitions and originally ther were 3 separate lids. You can tell this as each section has a nail in the center for latching. You can also see where the back part of each section still had the nails for holding the lids. The trunk measures 12" wide, 7 1/2" deep, 9" to the highest part of the dome and 8" to the lower part of the top. In the 3 section area, one edge is broken off. Also, the leather handles or straps are missing. One picture shows the trunk with a 12" doll so you can get an idea of how it will look with that small size doll. The doll is not included with this listing, only the trunk is included. I would imagine this trunk would be nice for any doll from 10" to 15". It can be difficult showing a doll with all the accessories if the trunk is too big.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7    PIC8    PIC9    PIC10    PIC11    PIC12   

Price: $285.00

010063     Wonderful country looking doll blouse in a blue and white homespun type check with indigo blue sleeves, printed dot design. I think the front of the blouse has the higher neckline and gathers at the waist, but could also be worn with the opening in the front. The blouse measures 3 3/4" across the shoulder, 5" across the chest or back, 4" across the waist, 5 1/2" sleeve and 4 1/2" from neck to waist. It probably dates between 1880 and 1915.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2   

Price: $69.00

012090     This French fashion doll trunk is the early style with the flat top and is sort of a canvas (painted a dark color) over wood. There are 4 thick strips of wood with brass finishings across the rop and one on each side for reinforcement. The leather that wraps around all the edges is so hardened it almost looks like copper (but I am almost positive it is the leather). The interior is covered in a nice stripe ticking material. The tray has a folding top with two compartments. The lid of the trunk has silk ribbon held in place with tacks for sliding in small things to keep them in place, such as gloves or hankies. Overall condition is good for its age. Leather handles on the side are gone and the top part of the lock is missing. The trunk measures 18" wide, 12" deep and 11" high. This trunk would date to the mid to late 1800s.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7   

Price: $250.00

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