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812551     Heavy Leather Children's High Button Shoes Late 1800s

This is an unusual looking pair of childrens shoes.  They are made with a black heavy leather, scallops at the side where they button, an extra piece of triangular leather at the tip of the toe and hard leather soles.  They are lined in a brown corded fabric.  There are 4 button holes for each shoe, but the buttons are missing.

These are from the late 1800s.  They are about 4 1/2" long an 1 5/8" wide at the widest part.  The condition is worn and the leather cracking.
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Price: $60.00

808557     Indigo Blue Calico Child's Jacket Wh Calico Trim 1860s

This is a wonderful early child's wrapper or jacket in a nice dark indigo blue calico cotton print fabric with stars and binding trim on the front, hem and sleeves in a white calico print.  It has a great country primitive look for hanging on the wall and would be a nice addition to a collection of early children's clothing.  There are 4 buttons in the front for closure.

The shoulder width is 11 1/2" seam to seam.  The sleeves are 7" long.  The jacket or frock is 14" long.  The condition is good for the age.  It would probably date to around 1860 to 1880.  The binding trim fabric on the sleeves has wear.  There is a water stain on the binding in the front and some other stains on the binding in the back.  The jacket could use a laundering.  I also noticed a mend in the back and a small tear in the binding trim, also in the back.  The mend in the back is not noticeable.  I have taken pictures of the discoloration in the back and the tear.
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Price: $19.00

812560     Simple Style Factory Doll Dress for Wide Doll

This dress was probably made for a wide cloth or composition doll in 1910 or 1920.  It has a slight Edwardian style with a long waist and a skirt sewn on with 3 stitched down pleats off to one side.  The back is totally plain with the Edwardian look just in the front.  The sleeves are short, slightly puffed and edged with piping.  The neckline has a simple lace ruffle.  There is one button at the neckline for closure.  This factory style dress was usually worn on German bisque dolls, but the width almost suggests one of the earlier shoulder head composition dolls on cloth bodies.  Those dolls were usually wide.

The dress is 11" long, sleeves 3 1/2" long, shoulder width 6".  The waist is 16" around the waist, 7" across under the sleeves.  The dress is in good condition for the age.
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Price: $75.00

812559     Antique Doll Petticoat with Small Lace Ruffle

Nice early white doll petticoat with ruffled lace trim.  It is 9 1/2" long.  The waist if 14" around.  I think it may have been a longer petticoat that was cut down from the waist, folded hem made and an elastic placed in the new waistband.  You can see where there had originally been an opening and the original waistband probably buttoned shut.  I took a picture of that original opening, but it is a little hard to see.  It is a very sturdy cotton with a pretty lace ruffle at the hem.

This was probably made in the late 1800s or early 1900s and probably changed to the new waistband in the 1920s or so.  It is 9 1/2" long.  The waistband is about 16" around, but could be pulled in with the elastic to be 10 or 11" around and a fuller petticoat for a smaller doll.
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Price: $75.00

807550     Art Deco Ladies Blue Boudoir Night Bonnet Cap Hat

This boudoir night cap is made with blue thick silk embroidery threads in an interesting open weave design.  Lined in net or tulle with a satin ribbon holding the elastic.  There is a crocheted flower on the top and a net and crochet ruffle at the bottom.  It is 11" top to bottom and 14" across (28" around).  The condition is good.  This is probably from the 1920s or 30s. I have taken a number of pictures to show the interesting details and nice workmanship.  The last picture shows the cap fom the inside.
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Price: $30.00

604202     Fabulous Early 19th Century Ladys Lace Fichu

This is a lovely example of a ladies lace fichu from the early 1800s. This is shown and described on page 93 of Vintage Textiles by Elizabeth Kurella. It is described as a scarf like accessory. It is long in front and rounded like a small cape or collar in the back. They were popular at the beginning of the nineteenth century, worn over dresses with deep scoop necks. This is a nice petite size with many interesting details. It is off white or ecru. The lace around the neck is made with scalloped lace that is pleated and sewn in place with a chain like stitch. The outer portion of the fichu is also a scalloped lace. That is not an add-on but part of the basic net lace. There are lovely lovely leaves, flowers, buds and berries decorating the net fabric and a variety of 8 or so appliquet dimensional flowers. It measures 4 1/2" deep in the middle of the back and is 34" long. This is also similar to a Honiton collar, but the fancy pleated work at the neckline above the collar is more like the design of a fichu. The picture is the best description. The condition is appropriate for the age and does appear to be in good condition. I only noticed one small place where the thread has come away from the edge of one scallop.
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Price: $175.00

408023     This scarf is made of a plain black sheer fabric, possibly a silk organdy, with woven stripes at one end. It is 19" wide of which there is 3" of the striped section and the rest is sheer. This item is antique or vintage and would make a very nice veil for a re-enactment bonnet or made into a bow for decorative purposes to be used on a hat or a bow at the neck. Since I have never seen something like this before, it could be 1870 or 1930.
Measurements: This measures 19" by 31".
Condition: There is a 1" split where it had been folded for a long time. There are tiny snags throughout.
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Price: $18.00

105056     This is a beautifully made medium blue silk type material with cording between the back of the hat and quilted front part. The back ruffle is lined in a pink silk while the visor or front part is lined with a wonderful pink & white silk with beige embroidery. The rest of the bonnet is lined in an off white backing material similar to the brown that was always used in early dresses. The condition is good on the inside of the bonnet but there are only remnants of the ties and the blue silk on the outer part of the bonnet has melted in several areas, but it is still a wonderful example of a child's early bonnet. I am using a 28" doll to model the hat but only the hat is for sale.
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Price: $85.00

102169     Child's heavy white cotton top with whitework. It is a 3/4 length blouse or top. Because it is an early piece (late 1800s), I do not know the real purpose for this article of clothing, possibly night wear or summer wear. It would fit a pretty good size bear - about 20" to 22". This is hard to state as some bears are long and skinny and others short and wide. There is no inset sleeve, but it measures almost 12" across the chest (and probably 23" around). It has a nice wide square neckline and a big opening in front so it should fit over the head. The sleeve is about 4 3/4" wide across and 9 1/2" around. Shoulder to hem is 14" long. The neck and front opening combined allows for a 26" circumference. The top button which is missing is the 2 sided type that fits through 2 holes, rather than sewn on. There is a small mend on the front decorative panel. I am listing a lot of doll and childrens clothing and sweaters that are suitable in size and appearance for teddy bears.
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Price: $23.00

010042     Long white skirt with train about 1870s or 80s. Simple design made of a light weight material. The front of the skirt is 37" to the floor and in the back is 41" (including the small train). Someone widened the waist a little and without the additions, it measures 23" around and with the extension darts it measures 28". The condition is ok. There is one small split near the seam in back (about 5/8"). Also, there may have been an additional dust ruffle on the skirt as there are stitching marks all the way around the skirt where something had been, or maybe someone added a ruffle at some later time and then removed it.

Price: $15.00

010040     Very beautiful evening dress by Geno exclusively for Best & Co. on the label. It is a rose color sateen dress with thin straps and has an otherwise strapless look in the design and could probably be worn that way. It has 6 bones or stays holding it up as you would find in a strapless dress of that period. The dress is taffeta lined and has a special stiff panel in front to hold the shape. The color is either a rose or "shocking pink" as it used to be called in the late 50s or early 60s. Actually it is a similar color as the suit worn by Jackie Kennedy in Dallas. The skirt portion has soft pleats to give it fullness. There are two bows decorating the top and one bow on the skirt portion about 10" from the hem. The condition is fairly good. The edges of the straps are a little worn from being on a hanger. It is 13" across the waist. The skirt is 30" long from the waist. Since it is strapless, there are no across the shoulder measurements, but is about 30" around the chest and 14" diameter across the back.
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Price: $75.00

010038     Early child's dress or gown off the shoulder with growth ties at the neck and waist. This type dress was designed as almost a Christening length for toddler with ties being drawn in to adjust for the smaller size wearer. The ties could be let out as the child grew and the long gown shortened for a dress. The size is too large for an infant. The double sleeve has whitework trim and so does the waistband. The waist measures 9" across and 18" around. About 8" from sleeve to sleeve with moderate gathering. Sleeve about 3 1/2". Across chest 10". Many things are hard to measure because so many places have gathers. Shoulder to waist is 9" long and waist to hem is 30".
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Price: $40.00

010033     These white linen pants look as though they would be from the 1890s to 1917. They are scalloped at the waist down the sides and at the bottom and have an embroidered finish at the edge. They are designed to button onto a blouse with three button holes in front, three in back and another two on each side buttoning over onto the same button at each side of the blouse. The length goes below the knee. The waist is about 10 1/2" across and 21" around. This measure is taken allowing for the sides to overlap for buttoning. Length including waist band is about 17".
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Price: $20.00

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