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801240     Antique Factory Made Carved Horse w Primitive Look

This is an interesting carved horse that is probably factory made from the looks. The horse is painted a medium brown with black tail, black and partly white legs, painted on harness and an oil cloth saddle. One leg looks all black while others are partly black and white stockings and black hooves. This is a very good looking horse carving with a primitive look. It looks like he was made in 3 sections. The center section was the head, middle of the body and tail. On the outside from the shoulder to hind quarters and legs for both sides.
There are 3 major problems which makes this a nice horse for someone who has the talent to repair carved figures. One of the legs is partly gone and the horses nose has broken off. For people who like horses, this could be restored back to a nice wood carved horse figure. One of the side sections cracked at the shoulder, but it is still solid and in place. The horse is 5 3/4" tall and 7" from head to tail.
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Price: $10.00

711253     R&L 476 Cup Plate

This is a Sandwich glass cup plate with the heart design from the mid 1800s. It is from the heart series and attributed to Sandwich. The Lee and Rose No. is 476. It is 12 sided with 13 hearts. There are a few tiny chips on the edges. This would also look nice with a Valentine display. Hearts have always been popular.
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Price: $10.00

709204     Pattern Glass Pitcher Sawtooth Design

This is a very heavy pattern glass pitcher, probably from the turn of the century, late 1800s - early 1900s. It is about 9" tall. I am not that knowledgeable about this type of glass, but the handle looks to be applied. The condition is fairly good, but there is roughage on one side of the handle at the bottom. I took several pictures of this, but am not sure the damage will show that much. In one of the reference books, it said that the pitcher was first made by Sandwich Glass Co in 1850 with flint glass. This does not ring the way flint glass should, so I just do not know. Measuring from the tip of the spout to the end of the handle, it measures 8 1/2" across. The base has a 4 1/4" diameter.
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Price: $85.00

708212     Early Tiny 4 1/2" Pantry Box Red Paint Over Dry Blue

This nice little pantry box is a real treasure, but unfortunately has damage on the lid. The lower portion is fine. It has a 4 1/2" diameter with a nicely tapered finger on both the base and the lid. The box is a nice thick deep red over a medium dry blue paint. The top shows through to the blue paint more than the base. That just has a little of paint loss of the red paint. I was trying to see if the strap for the lid was all there and while I was trying to force the broken pieces to meet, the pressure cracked the wood on the lid. I am not knowledgeable about repairs and probably should have soaked the wood before putting stress on it. It does look like it is all there.

I am showing a lot of pictures so you can see what is wonderful about this box and what the problems are. This size is very difficult to find in an early pantry box, especially with the nice lap on the lid and base.
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Price: $225.00

708211     Mochaware Muffineer Salt Yellow Ware Seaweed Decoration

This mochaware muffineer with footed base has wonderful form and deep coloring. The yellow ware is very dark, almost the color of the spicy dark mustard. The blue in the seaweed and the brown bands are equally vivid or dark in color. The blue runs around most of the band with one small section that does not have the blue. I will take about 3 pictures showing all sides. It is 5" tall, with a 1 1/4" diameter on the base. The widest part is 7 3/4" around, narrowing to about 4" around near the top.

This is often called a salt shaker by some collectors and a muffineer by others, so I use both in my title and description. This would be a nice addition to any yellowware or mochaware collection. This would probably date from the mid to late 1800s.

There are 2 mends on the base that were nicely done and are very sturdy. I will show pictures of both. The repairs are slightly darker with a greyish tone.
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Price: $850.00

708210     Cute Dark Brown Gathering Basket, possibly Willow?

This is a cute gathering basket nice for holding smalls such as fabric balls or rolled up pieces of fabric or even cloth fruit. It measures 7" by 8 1/4", is about 8" tall including the handle, and about 4" tall without the handle. The handle is made of one thicker piece of bent wood and 2 thinner pieces on either side. The handles were then wrapped with straw at the base. The 2 smaller pieces have broken, but the handle is still strong and serviceable This is probably from the early part of the 1900s.
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Price: $14.00

708207     Antique 8" Diameter Pantry Box Tri Color Folk Art Paint

This is an 8" pantry box with very unusual tri color paint with a folk art look. The underneath paint is mustard with red and green marbelized over that. The top is similar but a little different with some marbalizing and some blotches. There is a small amount of the red and green on the outside band on the top section. While the coloring is all similar, I do not know if the lid and base have always been together. The inside of the pantry box is also painted and the bottom on the outside. The top is rough with splits in the band, obviously damaged and repaired. There are a few gouges in the top. The lower section was made by stitching it together with thread instead of nails. This is rather unusual. The lower section is very sturdy but has a split across the bottom and also has a few gouges on the top. This has had a long hard life. Two of my pictures show the chips in the top. The diameter on the top is 8", and on the bottom section 7 3/4. It is 3 1/4" tall. This would date somewhere in the late 1800s, maybe earlier.
I took several pictures of the sides as the paint changes all the way around. Also there are 2 pictures showing the stitches.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7    PIC8    PIC9    PIC10    PIC11    PIC12    PIC13   

Price: $135.00

708206     Heavy Antique Pantry Box 10" Dia. Old Paint Over Green

his is a fairly sturdy antique pantry box with a 10" diameter top and 9 3/4" on the bottom. It is 5" tall. It is a nice heavy box with sturdy construction, not the flimsy type. I see both metal nails along the side and tiny wood pegs around the bottom and on the lid. The top has a nice overlap of about 4", straight on the outside and cut at an angle on the inside. The lower section also has a straight cut with some problems at the bottom where the overlap has broken away. The paint underneath is a windsor green. It is a little hard to tell as there are only a few places where the outside paint has broken through enough to see the color below. Mostly the green shows on the lower portion, but a little on the top as well. The outer paint is a mustard brown color. At the auction where this was purchased referred to it as "Grain Paint", it just does not look too much like grain paint to me. In my pictures it does look a little like the grain paint.
This is one of those pantry boxes that possibly went to Art School. The original paint was the windsor green as mentioned, then an ivory color and then a brownish gold color over that which is possibly what the auction company meant by "grain paint". On top of the lid there are 2 apples and a pear were painted with leaves done similarly to designs on early toleware. The box is probably late 1800s or early 1900s. I cannot be sure whether the art work is original to the box, or even early in its life. On the other hand, it could have been done early to mid 1900s. It is a good pantry box for stacking. The sides are a neutral color and can blend with any group of colors.
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Price: $225.00

608419     Newer Folk Art Primitive Rabbit Gardner w Radish &Shvl

Wonderful primitive looking 15" rabbit right out of digging from his garden. He carries a freshly picked beet and his shovel. He is made of a white slightly fuzzy woolen like material (but I do not think it is really wool, it just looks like it). He has a few intentionally designed dirt marks and grunge to give the authentic look of a gardener doing real work. The yellow on black tag is a little difficult to read as you can see from the picture. It reads: ESC Trading Company / Westerville Ohio // decorative item only not a toy // all new materials hand made in China. I cannot read the signature of the designer, but you can see this clearly in the picture.
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Price: $19.50

207218     This is a wonderful early indigo blue and white quilt that dates from the late 1800s to early 1900s measuring 74" by 78". It is the "Double T" design and is all finely hand quilted with 7 to 8 stitches to the inch. It has a petite double Flying Geese border around all 4 sides. There are about five different indigo blue fabrics that were used in the quilt, some of which are a medium blue, but most are the darker blues. It is in good condition for its age. There are just a few places near the corner where the white fabric has worn a little. The tiny holes or wear marks are only about 1/16". The binding has been replaced, but other than that it is all original. There are a few places in one section with a few light spots.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7    PIC8   

Price: $495.00

110096     This cast iron trivet has the British Crown as the centerpiece. The border has the inscription: COLEBROOKDALE IRON CO., POTTSTOWN, PA. It is 5 7/8" by 4 1/4".
More pictures: PIC1
Price: $10.00

011017     Children's hand knit high stockings in blue. The foot measures 3" and 6 1/2" long from heel to the ribbing on top. These have a great country look.
More pictures: PIC1

Price: $28.00

010038     Early child's dress or gown off the shoulder with growth ties at the neck and waist. This type dress was designed as almost a Christening length for toddler with ties being drawn in to adjust for the smaller size wearer. The ties could be let out as the child grew and the long gown shortened for a dress. The size is too large for an infant. The double sleeve has whitework trim and so does the waistband. The waist measures 9" across and 18" around. About 8" from sleeve to sleeve with moderate gathering. Sleeve about 3 1/2". Across chest 10". Many things are hard to measure because so many places have gathers. Shoulder to waist is 9" long and waist to hem is 30".
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3   

Price: $40.00

708204     Vintage Painted Covered Basket Floral Design

Old oval shaped woven basket with lid has brightly colored flowers painted around the sides. The top is also painted, but just more like swirls. There is some wear of the paint, but the colors are still strong. This could be used for holding many things from herbs to knitting or sewing items. The basket is in fairly good shape but there are some breaks on the inside collar. See picture showing this. I do not know the age, but I presume it is from the early 1900s. It is 4 1/2" tall, 11 1/2" wide and 9" deep.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7    PIC8   

Price: $75.00

008181     Early pure white undecorated 6" clay pipe marked Germany on the stem. Condition good.

Price: $10.00

008180     This early clay pipe has an interesting embossed design on the bowl portion of a tall ship with three masts on one side. The second side has an embossed anchor. The stem is embossed Germany. The pipe has been mended where the bowl ends and the stem begins and along the stem. The stem has not been shortened.

Price: $15.00

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