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703213     1920s Honeycomb Tissue Easter Basket w Chicks & Eggs

This is an adorable honeycomb Easter basket made with lithograph printed cardboard for the baby chicks and basket outline. The basket itself is made with honeycomb tissue that opens and clips together from each side. There are 2 sets of eggs that open up to a total of 6 eggs when turned inside out. The eggs are red, blue, purple & white honeycomb tissue. I have seen this basket before with a 1925 date. The basket here would be a bit earlier as it is just marked Pat Applied For which would be about a year or so earlier that the dated one. It is also marked Made in U.S.A. and Printed in USA in another section. The basket has a 9 /34" diameter. It is 4 1/2" tall to the top of the baby chicks. Part of the paper handle is missing. If it was there it would probably measure about 6 1/2" from the base to the top of the handle. It is in fairly good condition for the age with just part of the handle missing. It is so cute when opened and will make a great Easter decoration.
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Price: $45.00

310217     This is a "whatisit" decoration. It is a colorful orange crepe paper ornament with a 1920s style face on a tube with a circular gathered crepe paper surrounding the face. Possibly meant to be a skirt. At the end of the tube there is a black wrist band, as though this was to be worn on the wrist as a party favor. Whatever it is supposed to be, it is adorable. The face is done in th Betty Boop style with spit curls and is printed on cardboard. In addition the cardboard is covered with black crepe paper. I am showing one picture altered to be very bright so you can see the difference between the painted hair and face and the crepe paper placed over. This detail does not show with normal coloring. This measures 8 3/4" long and the ruffle diameter is 6".
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Price: $75.00

310219     Here are some leftover bits and pieces from the 1920s. There are 2 rosettes or streamers from crepe paper, 3 crepe paper pumpkin shape cutouts, some prints that might have been on a Dennison package. One is a witch and moon and another is a pumpkin. On the reverse side there is a writing that shows 2 ladies dressed in the 1920s style of clothing. There is also some construction paper in orange. But it is all old stuff and might be of interest to someone.
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Price: $5.00

312900     A German Dresden 3-dimensional ornament of a one-hump camel. It is about 2" long and1 7/8" tall. Good condition; no bends in the legs and no tears.
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Price: $195.00

702229     Antique Horse or Donkey Wood & Compo Late 1800s Rough

This early gray horse or donkey is probably part of a Christmas Creshe setting or large Noah's Arc, or is maybe just a toy. It is very well made with some type of molded composition and wood legs. It has a nice deep gray finish with dapple gray on the back and a black mane. The tail was made with a twisted rope fabric painted over gray. One leg is broken and the nose has a chip-out. The position of the ears is what makes it look a bit like a donkey. It still stands nicely and would be a nice addition to an animal collection whether a farm, an Arc or Creshe scene.
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Price: $15.00

702222     Celluloid Cow 2"x 3" Nice Painted Features & Detail Japan

This is a celluloid bull cow with very good detail and nicely painted features, probably 1920ish. Even the horns have good detail. Nice eye paint, gray paint on head and neck, ears, nostrils and mouth with red paint and the hoofs and horns are in brown paint. It measures 2 1/4" by 3 1/4". It is marked Made in Japan with a logo that looks like an S and T overlay similar to Kokusai Beeki, Tokyo or Kagyo Co Ltd. The condition is good for the age. There are no dents, but there is a line that is indented on the legs on both sides. It has broken through on one of the legs, but the cow still stands up nicely. This is a fine item for Christmas decorating, or a cow or other animal collection as well as a celluloid collection.
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Price: $10.00

703219     Valentine Stand Up Card Boy w Moveable Hat 1910

This is a charming stand up semi-mechanical Valentine card. It is 6" tall with a piece in back to make it stand up. It is a boy wearing a cute sailor outfit from the Edwardian period with a wide brim straw sailor hat. There is a small brass stud that goes through both the boy's hair and the hat allowing the hat to be worn or be tucked under in the back. There is also a nice red satin ribbon in the back of the hat. He is holding a card that reads: "For you on St. Valentine's Day". He wears a style normally seen in the late 1800s. The letter G is the Trade Mark and it is marked Printed in Germany. I think this might date anywhere from 1890 to 1910. This is very cute and would be very nice addition to a Valentine collection. It would also be cute displayed with dolls or other with a group of lithograph Victorian toys such as blocks etc.
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Price: $14.00

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