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1010415     Pair of Doll House Bisque Head Male & Lady Dolls 7 1/2" & 8"

Pair of larger scale bisque shoulder head or procelain doll house dolls.  They are both beautifully dressed.  The lady is 7 1/2" tall, the man 8" tall, not including their hats.  Her face is beautiful.  She has painted eyes that almost look like they were glass eyes the way they were painted.  He is wearing a grayish black plaid suit with black hat and carries a black umbrella.  She is wearing a green dress with lace insert and lace sleeves.  She has blond hair and is wearing a green hat with lace brim.

Both dolls have bisque lower arms and legs and cloth bodies.  The dolls would be about a 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" scale.  A lot of the antique miniatures and houses were done in a larger or mixed scale sized furnishings.  These dolls could fit in many settings like these.  I am selling them as a pair as I do not want to separate them.

The dolls are in very nice condition.  They were probably made in the mid 1900s.  My camera does not show some colors properly.  I took one picture showing just the green fabric.  That picture shows that color best.  

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Price: $145.00

1004392     Drenched Trench Coat in Green for Ideal Crissy Doll

This is a nice trench coat in a dark green made for Crissy dolls by Ideal.  It was made with a sturdy cotton cord type material with nice detail.  It is a belted double breasted coat with six faux buttons and a pocket on each side.  The belt is still with the coat.  There are 3 snaps for closure.  There are no rips or stains and the coat is in good condition.  There is supposed to be a scarf worn with the coat, but I do not have the scarf.  This should be easy to replace with a piece of orange silk print.  There is a Crissy tag on the inside of the coat.
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Price: $32.00

808383     3 Misc Items that Fit Crissy Dolls Blouse & 2 Pr Slacks

Here are 3 items that fit Crissy dolls. A rust color taffeta long sleeve blouse with lace trim and 2 snaps in the back for closure. There is a tear in the front, but that part would be tucked in under the waistband of a skirt or slacks. Second is a pair of tan color slacks with elastic waistband and third is a pair of dark brown slacks that have a side opening wiht a snap in the back. Nothing great, but could add to your Crissy's wardrobe. These are not clothing with labels or anything.
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Price: $5.50

806429     Lot of 4 Items fits Ken Doll - Pants Jacket etc.

Miscellaneous items that fit Ken. I cannot identify any of these items in the few books I have and the catalogues from Mattel, but they are all nicely made and fit Ken.
1. There is a dark plaid type print shirt made of a heavy fabric in olive green and black with a sewn on pocket and waistband. It almost looks a little like a lumber jacket or Eisenhower jacket.
2. Next is a corduroy sports jacket with 3 pockets and no buttons.
3. The black pants have a single snap and
4. Last is a multi color print pajamas in brown and green on a white background. The print has a Clipper Ship and the Eiffle Tower. My picture makes it look black and white, but it is deffinitely the colors I mentioned. None of these items are marked with the Ken label, but all seem to fit okay and are in good condition.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5   

Price: $10.00

806428     Lot of 4 Items that fit Ken -Jacket, Robe etc

This is an odd lot of 4 items that fit Ken in case someone can use them. None have labels.
There is a white cotton shirt or jacket with 3 false buttons and 2 snaps to keep it closed in good condition.
A pair of blue broadcloth or denim looking slacks with a single snap at the top.
A #12 jersey with seams split in several places but still looks cute on Ken.
There is a beautifully made robe in a tan and gray check fabric and silk trimmed pockets, cuffs and colar. It looks on Ken, but some child put ink decoration on the collar.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6   

Price: $1.50

806427     Brn & Wh Jacket Tan Slacks & Bermuda Shorts fit Ken

Here are 3 items that will fit Ken. These came with a group of early Ken items that I purchased and am now putting on eBay. I could not find any of these in the few books and catalogues that I have and they are not marked. I noticed that in some of the sets, only one item is marked and the other things are not. These could still look nice for mixing and matching as is often done with the Ken and Barbie outfits. The group consists of the following:
1. A pair of tan slacks with single snap at the top,
2. The brown and white jacket is like the one worn by Mod Ken and has a tear in front and a mangled stap,
3. The last item is a pair of brown bermuda shorts with a single snap on the top and faux pockets front and back.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2   

Price: $4.50

806425     Ken Doll Black Dress Shoes mkd Japan for #785,6&7

Pair of black dress shoes for Ken marked Japan on the bottom. The 1962 catalogue shows the Tuxedo outfit #787 with this pair of black dress shoes as an accessory for this outfit. It is also the shoes shown with Dreamboat #785 and Saturday Date #786. These are in good condition and both shoes are marked Japan on the bottom.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3   

Price: $10.00

806412     Campus Hero Red Stripe Sweater for Ken Doll #770 Rough

This is the red, gray and white stripe sweater for Ken's Campus Hero outfit #770. It is in played with condition. The knit has tiny yarn balls on it and there is a seam split at the neckline that will need a stitch or two, and there is a hole in one of the sleeves. This sweater in the condition it is in would give Ken a real rugged look.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2   

Price: $2.50

806411     Campus Hero Stripe Sweater for Ken #770 Good Condition

This is the red, white and grey stripe sweater for Ken that goes with the Campus Hero outfit #770. This one is in good condition - clean and no snags or split seams.
More pictures: PIC1   

Price: $10.00

806407     2 Pc Campus Hero Outfit for Ken Sweater & Slacks #770

Two piece vintage Campus Hero #770 outfit that probably dates to around 1962. This includes the red, grey and white striped college sweater and a pair of white pants. The slacks have a sewn on pocket in the back, the YKK zipper and the early Ken label. The white slacks are in good but played with condition with surface dirt. The picture that shows the cuffs on the slacks also shows what looks like a stain, but it is not there. A few loose threads created a shadow that just looks like a spot. The red, grey and white sweater is in good condition.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7   

Price: $17.00

312208     This charming little parasol is newer and was made with nice beaded fabric and lace. This was put together with a sturdy wire frame. The black wire of the frame does poke through fabric and could possibly be covered and fixed with white beads placed over the points, or some tiny bows. The parasol does not open and close. It is strictly for decoration. The stem of the parasol is covered with pink ribbon. There are streamers at the end that are shredding, almost like the maker designed and cut it that way. The diameter of the parasol is 4 1/4" and is 7 1/2" long.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2   

Price: $9.00

306231     This cute pair of cotton pajamas was probably designed for a young girl type doll, but would also be very cute on a baby doll like Tiny Tears. It is made of a lovely cotton print with berries on a pink background. The top has a nice style where the yoke slopes down in the front and then gathers from there. It has a peter pan collar trimmed in lace and has puff sleeves. The elastic in the sleeves and the pajama pants are still in good condition and has not stretched out. The seam on one of the sleeves has separated and needs to be tacked down again. Same thing for the lace on the collar. About 2" needs to be tacked down there. Other than that these are in very good condition with no rips, stains or tears. These have a very nice quality design and are made of a nice soft cotton, and could date anywhere from the late 1930s to 1950.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5   

Price: $12.00

306221     This is a cute pair of navy blue dungaree-type slack set with visible double stitching in red; and red, white and blue stripe cuffs. There is a matching stripe blouse with cotton knit neckline and sleeves. It is in excellent condition and could date anywhere from the 1950s to 80s. I do not know just what doll the outfit was for. The blouse is about 10" around the waist and is 6" long. Slacks are 9 1/2" long and are about 8" around the waist (stretching to 10" around because of the elastic waistband).
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3   

Price: $10.00

209231     Kewpie Lapel Pin 1" Tall Wearing Helmet. This adorable gold color lapel pin shows Kewpie in his Kaiser Helmet. I do not know the age of this pin, but have had it for over 10 years and it was old when I purchased it. This is the type of pin that can be pushed through the cloth and a pinch-on mechanism fastens to the sharp point on the other side. It is 1" tall. There are no markings on the pin.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3   

Price: $25.00

206021     This is an original limited edition hand-painted porcelain Birthstone Doll by Bette Ball exclusively for Goebel United States. The hang tag cover reads: Carol Ann Dolls. She is 9" tall and had the following information on her hang tag: MY BIRTHDAY IS IN JULY, MY AUSTRIAN CRYSTAL PENDANT IS RUBY. LIMITED EDITION, she is number 2082 of 5000. Doll in mint condition, there is some tears on the paper inner wrapper of the box. Back of the neck is marked GOEBEL. She has very dark brown long hair with bangs, painted eyes that are blue with very good detail, bisque head, arms and legs and a cloth body. She is wearing a floral dress with ruffle on the bottom that has an old fashioned look to it with pantaloons and petticoat under the dress. Her necklace pendant is ruby color for July. The doll hang tag says "Made in Taiwan", while the box is marked "Made in Thailand". The doll is tied to the inner lining that fits perfectly into the box, however, there is no mention of Goebel on the box or paper. The box and paper is just covered with the word "Camelot" and there is no other printing other than the Made in Thailand sticker.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5   

Price: $18.00

110153     This is a nice pair of unmarked red plastic high heel shoes that are called the Pilgrim style shoe. I do not know the age or manufacturer. The fit the newer Barbie, but have to be forced onto the older doll's foot and do not fit as well. There are 2 holes in the sole and the high heel part is hollow.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2   

Price: $8.00

102142     This is a lot or 4 pieces of doll size childrens stationery with envelopes, each with a different picture of Indian children measuring 2" by 2 5/8". Printed by Sandstone Creations, Phoenix, Arizona. These are all done from paintings by De Grazia.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2   

Price: $0.00

101099     This is a very pretty doll by Mattel that sparkles all over. When a (9v) battery is added, her bow and jewelry are designed to sparkle all over. She also has a heart in the middle of her chest that lights up too. She is a fully jointed hard vinyl doll with a white molded body with embossed design for a play suit. Her long old fashioned pink & white nylon dress has a cut out so the sparkling heart can show. Her pink shoes also have a molded heart in front. She also has printed pajamas that also has the cutout for her heart. They come with matching attached slippers. Her third outfit is a cute pair of red shorts and a sweatshirt that reads Happy Valentine's Day. [The shorts are much earlier than the doll (probably 1930s or 40s) but look very cute with the outfit complete.] This could make a very nice Valentine gift and someone very happy with a sparkling Valentine doll and her wardrobe. She is marked 1988 Mattel Inc. and is in good working condition. She really looks cute with all the flashing sparkles when the switch is turned on.
More pictures: PIC1    PIC2    PIC3    PIC4    PIC5    PIC6    PIC7   

Price: $32.00

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